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Serving Wheaton area for last 14 years. People love our tasty food and fast service. Come and find out why we have fully packed morning and lunch hours.



Lee A.

The Verdict is an absolute gem of a place. I went to The Verdict with a very large group (about 15 or so) approximately 30 minutes before they closed. Working in food service myself, I know that breaks every rule in the book, and I begged my group not to go in for the sake of the staff's sanity. But alas, my opinion was squandered by my hungry friends.We barged in and were immediately sat by the staff. We ordered lots, and lots of food. By the time our food arrived, the restaurant had technically already closed. Even with every right to be annoyed, the staff treated us like we were their first customers of the day. Our waitress was incredible - so friendly and cracking jokes throughout our entire time there (and we weren't making it easy for her). The quality of our food was in no way compromised - each and every item was truly delicious and the portions were generous and affordable. They even brought us some amazing homemade bread.Eating at this place would have been a fantastic experience no matter what the time. But given that we not only stayed past closing time, but also brought a huge group, this restaurant deserves any and all accolades. Thank you, The Verdict, for giving up your time for us and for creating a wonderful memory! We will be back!


Linda O.

Not like I remembered. It's probably 20 years since I visited this restaurant. Wonderful chicken lemon rice soup. I salivated while waiting only to be sorely disappointed. No flavor except an overwhelming lemon taste. And this cup cost .49. Did not come with my meal. I ordered the California crepes. Also disappointing. No flavor even adding S&P and Chiluba. And wasn't just me. Equally long since my hubby was there. Had a crab salad sandwich with fries. The fries came "seasoned". Asked the waitress if they had any other fries. Nope and she didn't even offer an alternative even though there were 4 side choices when he ordered the fries. The service was also terrible. But I'll give them that since it was a busy Sunday. Nice menu and we were excited to add a new place to our repertoire. Not now.


Natalie T.

I gave 2 stars because the waitress was very kind and apologetic unlike George who did not apologize. My 14 ye old daughter sought out a diner after her visit to the urgent care. We happily ordered the chicken egg lemon rice soup. The soup was decent. Her and I both decided on breakfast. Her meal 2 eggs hash browns with pancakes. Pancakes were good. My order I guess was a bit too complicated for the place. I asked for gyro feta omelette MEAT well done with hash browns well down also. My omelette comes back eggs burnt. I was in complete shock . I tell the waitress I will not eat this meat well done is just that the meat only cooked well done. My food gets taken back by the super kind waitress and comes back this time with a fresh omelette and cold chunks of feta in the omelette.  I regretfully didn't get a pic of my first omelette that was burnt but did if the chunks of feta.  My daughter and I are eating our food and someone is standing aside our table literally staring at us not speaking. I chuckle a bit because of the long stare and say yes can I help you? The goes on about what's wrong with your food. I express I am not happy with the food or restaurant but I didn't ask for him to Ben called to the table. He says well I wouldn't be here if you were fine. I'm explaining to him about the burnt omelette and hash browns. Before I can go on about the cold feta he cuts me off to justify the term well done. I tell him George you come over to my table stare at us and then want to argue about well done and not listen to me. Cut me off before I finish speaking. He had a strong personality and continued to ask what's wrong with the omelette tell me I'll make it over. This would be theirs time. I was done with him and this restaurant after he rudely cut me off. I asked him to leave the table and let me and my daughter eat and I'll gladly give mine to a bum who will enjoy. My verdict on verdict restaurant is save you're money. Worst 28 dollars I've spent in a long time.


Barry B.

Gotta say I'm at that courthouse a few times a year BUT the one thing I do is make sure I have breakfast here every chance I can Amazing waitresses and the pork sausage links may be the best I've ever had (and I've had breakfast all over the world) The 3eggs with side is incredible Also really good eggs benedict  (try with the salmon) I like the hash browns with hot sauce and one of the young ladies knows somebody that produces a local sauce that is great Please try it Never been here past noon but if you're in the area give it a try


Alex G.

Looking for a warm place that sorta makes you smile when you look at the menu!? Then you need to definitely try this place! It offers breakfast and lunch and the most amazing staff for example Charlene! She was the greatest!!! She designed my omelette because I couldn't decide between one or another so she made her magic and surprised me with the most amazing food ever!!!! So thank you so much for making my experience that much amazing!


Mike B.

The Verdict is your family style restaurant that simply does everything right! Themed after the Dupage Courthouse and surrounding buildings, you'll find pictures and paintings of judges and other courtroom type stuff. Pretty cool idea! The menu was a decent variety of items. We went at 11am on a Wednesday. We were served by a girl named Caitlin. Her smile and positive attitude made us feel very welcome as soon as we arrived. I wish all the restaurants I review had more employees like her.I ordered the gyros and chicken noodle soup. The soup came out in 4 minutes and was perfect. The gyro pita was absolutely stacked with meat. Great value, and good. I really can't say much negative about my experience. I'll be back!!VIBE-4TASTE- 4.7VALUE- 4.5SERVICE- 5WAIT TIME- 4.8CLEANLINESS- 4.5RETURNABILITY- 4.7OVERALL - 4.6


Mark B.

We popped in to Verdict Restaurant on a whim, we're always looking for new breakfast spots, and were absolutely blown away by the experience. Everything, from the wait time (they move people in and out quickly on top of the fact that it was not very busy) to the service (our waitress was friendly and speedy!) to the food (huge portions and absolutely delicious), was top notch and everything you'd want out of a breakfast spot.The menu has a little bit of everything (breakfast, lunch, dinner) but I'm thinking that breakfast is their specialty (as it's the largest section of the menu). It's easy to see why, too. They know how to do breakfast! We had pancakes and Eggs Benedict with a smoothie and the portions are HUGE. No, really, they are. The standard for Eggs Benedict is two... well, this place gives you three paired with a hearty helping of hash browns to boot. The pancakes were large and cooked to a perfect fluffiness. Finally, the smoothie (some kind of veggie one) was one of the best I've ever had.The icing on the cake, as if this place needed it, are the prices. You get these huge portions for cheaper-than-normal prices. I honestly don't know how they do it.I'm a huge fan of Verdict Restaurant and dare say that it is my new favorite breakfast spot. We'll be coming back again, and soon!


Hubert D.

As someone who normally does not eat breakfast besides the occasional trays of bacon, a giant trough of biscuits and gravy and the whole cow made for breakfast sausages, I am not a person who favors breakfast meals. But that could also due to the fact that I am also a night shift worker so breakfast is long meal, long ago. However, when your coworkers/friends wants to have breakfast right after work, then you must have breakfast right after work. I have driven past this location for many many years and I had no idea where it was. I've heard of it in passing but the location was simple enough... at the end/beginning on the strip mall across from Target. Today, I decided to order the Country Fried Chicken. It comes with two eggs, hash-browns, decided with White Toast with butter and a side of bacon... along with some orange juice.This restaurant is small but has a very nice tight knit group to it. Something is very rare in the suburbs but it feels very homely and friendly about it.The first thing to arrive was the side of bacon, on a small plate. But do not let that foul you.... the bacon was very long. It was about twice as long as your typical bacon that you buy/get everywhere else. It came right in the middle of crispy and chewy which is my preference. In my opinion, crispy bacon is burnt and overcooked bacon. I will still eat it, mind you, but I want it more chewy and this place was perfect. Very shortly after, arrived the rest of my food. The Country Fried Chicken was very crispy and soft which I loved. Most places, the outer bits would be soggy and the inside would be still be chewy, but not there. The outside was very crispy (probably since i think they deep fry it?), and the inside was perfect... tender, juicy and flavorful. The gravy gets another point because they make it right. Not a huge fan of the cubed sausages they use but it does not impact a different flavor... just a different texture but when I say it was delicious... that was just a minor thing and I wont remove points for it. Eggs came out the way I asked...over easy. Hash-browns were crispy and a little bland but nothing a little hot sauce and/or salt wont fix. Besides, its probably better that way for those who are on a salt restriction. The toast was toasty and crispy and buttery. Overall, I am a huge fan of this location. The wait staff was friendly, she chatted with us, and cracked a few jokes. You must love that. As someone who is picky about how country fried chicken and especially gravy...they made it right and they made it perfect. I love their bacon...perfect amount of bacon goodness and not too salty to ruin your meal and it came with what I feel bacon should be done. Not too chewy but not too crispy. Their prices with the amount of food was the right amount.. if not its leaning on the cheaper side meaning you get a lot of food for what they charge.


Tina R.

This is hands down my favorite restaurant to go to in the Wheaton, IL area. Aside from awesome food, the owners and staff are like family. If you're a big fan of rice pudding and eclairs, the owner makes them himself and both are delicious. This is a must stop!!


Laura B.

We love this restaurant and eat here 1-2 times a week. The portions are great, prices are good, and staff is friendly. Food is served very quickly. I highly recommend it!


Mike N.

The Verdict is my Wheaton go-to spot every time before I go to DuPage County Court. The Verdict is your typical Greek breakfast spot with all of the offerings that you would expect. I have been coming here for years and the same waitress serves me breakfast every time I have been here. I believe she has served my Father for at least 20 years or maybe even more. If you are hungry and love the legal theme then go to the Verdict. It is likely you will spot me here as it is pretty much my day of the week breakfast joint. All of their food is delicious and made quick and fresh. You can order, eat, pay, and leave in under 30 minutes which is essential when you are trying to make an early court call. Bonus points for being able to have breakfast with the majority of the judges on the bench and half of the lawyers in the area. The Verdict is great and you can't go wrong with this staple. It is simple, cheap, and good food with friendly staff. Check it out if you are in the Wheaton area.


Sue D.

We happened to be in Wheaton, and we decided to eat at The Verdict.I swear it was the best breakfast I had in years The staff was super friendly. We had the pleasure of having Christen for our waitress. We told her we were first timers. She was very knowledgeable about the menu. She explained everything was truly homemade right on the premises. The menu was extensive, with choices of egg entrees, wraps,soup, and salads. I opted for the corn beef hash skillet. It arrived smoldering hot, and delicious. My husband had scrambled eggs with ham off the bone,and pancakes instead of toast. The pancakes were HUGE, a meal in themselves.Neither of us could finish our breakfast. The coffee was delicious and served in a very large mug. When we finished Christen told us all about the desserts, and how people order whole pies to take home for Thanksgiving. This little restaurant located in a strip mall, is definitely a GEM. My verdict would be this place is truly a winner.As we were leaving the owner asked us to please come back the next time we are in the area. Such great food,atmosphere, and value for the price.


Kristy R.

I came to the VERDICT because I was craving their lemon soup.  I swore after I saw a cockroach here on my last visit that I would never come back.  Sounds gross to return to a place that you saw a cockroach but I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt that things she been cleaned up.  Everything was soooo good and I didn't see any roaches.  Out waitress was so sweet, kind and fast.  Had a good experience.


Taylor M.

Delicious food and huge portions. Who could ask for anything more?! This lady visit, I ordered the chicken Cordon Benedict. It had three eggs Benedict's on it plus a huge slab of ham and two giant chicken breasts. They do not skimp on the ingredients here!  None of us were able to finish our meals. We all loved our meals and our waitress. She was very sociable and adorable! She kept my coffee full the entire time!My only two complaints are that the water glasses in the table didn't look clean and my side of fruit was under ripe. Otherwise, it was a wonderful experience!


Kim B.

This was a first time at the Verdict and I was very pleased with my experience! The service I have to say was top-notch. We had Caitlin as a server and she came to the table right away, got drinks fast and took our order quickly. The food came out quick and it was delicious! I had a skillet and the portion was huge and tasty! Caitlin checked on us right away and was always there when we needed anything. I would definitely go back there again and request her for sure!


Shelli M.

I was torn on 3 or 4 stars. The reason for 3 would be my food came out 10-15 minutes before my husbands. The 4 would be the customer service. We had a really good attentive server other than the food mishap but she made it right with a dessert on her.I chose the potato soup and was happy with that. It tasted homemade with lots of flavor.  My husband got chicken noodle soup which was a bit bland. It was definitely homemade but we didn't really like the flavor.  It wasn't bad we just didn't care for it.The bread comes out in a full loaf and was a bit on the dry side but definitely fresh and homemade. They serve it with some garlic butter that does nothing for the bread. Just use the table butter that is prepackaged. The garlic ruins it as the bread has more of a sweet flavor imo.The cheeseburger quesadilla was good. Exactly what you expected. We got the veggies on the side. They are both abbot greasy so beware. The fried were good. The steak and peppers was really good and flavorful. Reminded us of Swiss steak which we like.   We noticed some ladies at another table brought their own to go boxes. Smart, as my leftovers leaked on the way home but thankfully into the bag!We ordered the eclair for dessert. Wow!  Delicious and the filling tastes like homemade pudding!!  Yummmmmm!!!We will swing by here again someday!!  Check it out if your in the area. We thought the service was really good.  This is a nice, small family oriented establishment and not a chain.


Sarah C.

Its ok but it would get maybe 3 stars in the city. Food not really that tasty. Certainly not delicious. Bread dry to me. Gravy a bit baked on the meat. Coffee good though. Wait staff on target too. Really large selection and only my first visit so not fair judgement. I give it 4 stars because it was complete meaning a full meal and tasted good enough. Just not delicious.


Dr Michael R.

07:31 14 July 2017: Entered premises, immediate seating, not busy 2 waitresses, one bus boy, cook and manager.  Greeted by bus-boy who was near entrance, waitress let me choose my seat/table and handed me menu, after greeting.07:34 Placed order for 2 eggs over easy. white toast, hash browns.  Waitress confirmed order, filled up my coffee.  Sugar and choice of sweetener packets available at table as well as thimbles of half/half, and non-dairy substitutes.07:47: Breakfast served.  Eggs perfectly prepared, white toasts a wee-bit dark, but I've done that to myself at home, Hash browns, served warm with very crispy and brown layer, whiter layer underneath was cool to the touch.Service was good and courteous, waitress provided refills on large mug of coffee ensuring my coffee stayed comfortably hot. Total cost  just under .


Paula F.

This is a popular typical Greek restaurant. Lots of people for the noon time rush, yet the service was quick and friendly. Usually in this type of establishment, I'm immediately ordering breakfast - Pavlovian response I guess - and this time was no different. However, there were some tempting options so I got something different from the usual. The Sunrise Burrito has eggs, jalapeños, (chorizo but I declined that) green peppers, onions, cheese and tomatoes rolled up in a flour tortilla, sour cream and salsa on the side. It was mildly spicy and delicious, a nice change for me. The menu is vast so there's no reason to get "the usual" but I'm sure they would do that well. I liked it.


Shambavi K.

The service felt like a family. Very hospitable with an aunt with some sass as a waitress. The breakfast skillets are plentiful and our scrambles eggs cooked just right. The skillet with gyro was very good and balanced with the innocent skillet which was all veggies. They go easy on the salt which is good. The English muffin and pancakes were good too.


Serving Wheaton area for last 14 years. People love our tasty food and fast service. Come and find out why we have fully packed morning and lunch hours.


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