Mission Nemox is completed - or a galactic chocolate sherbet has landed

Chocolate Sorbet | GourmetGuerilla.com While the last Space Shuttle from Cape Canaveral to a mission in space left, I have one new mission in space and time: making ice yourself. And it's not rocket science at all (it can be - but later).

I've always flirted with one of those ice machines. The idea of ​​being able to make ice cream without additives, fillers, artificial flavors, stabilizers etc. is great. But there are two disadvantages: If you want to have an ice machine with a motor for cooling, you have to really take money into your own hands. Is it worth it for a once in a while ice-skating experience? If you opt for the cheaper option without motor, you must put the cooling container in the freezer at least 24 hours before the preparation of ice cream. 24 hours in advance I do not think everyday in the kitchen. So it's been hanging around until now.

Until recently the Nemox Gelatochef 2200 came into my life. And as a big brown and extremely heavy package that waited in the evening in the living room for me. The man probably suspected that about 30 pairs of shoes would tumble out of the package. The result was an ice cream machine with an engine.

Mission Nemox is completed - or a galactic chocolate sherbet has landed

A gift from an old friend who has dedicated himself for quite some time with great élan and interest in making ice cream. He has actually managed to bring himself as a layman in various ice-making courses at top chefs, which are usually reserved only establish restaurateurs. Since then he has been working on making the perfect ice cream. Of course, you can easily process eggs, cream, fruits and sugar into an absolutely perfect ice cream.

But the optimal, smooth-melting professional creamy with a full taste experience requires some Ingredients more. For example, dry glucose is one of those ingredients that is hard to come by for normal household use. But not only the right ingredients make the perfect ice cream, but also the exact gram dosage of the various components. Since my old friend is now also upgrading his hardware (the latest Superduper ice machine is growing), I got the discarded model. How awesome is that ?! To new, icy cold taste buds ...

Mission Nemox is completed - or a galactic chocolate sherbet has landed

Mission Nemox is completed - or a galactic chocolate sherbet has landed

For the premiere with the Nemox 2200 I wanted a simple, yet I tried a special ice cream recipe and therefore decided on a sorbet. It comes from the dessert "Allerlei Schoko" by Mario Kotaksa and was presented in the program "Lanz kocht" on June 10, 2011. The simple name:

Chocolate sorbet.

Mission Nemox is completed - or a galactic chocolate sherbet has landed

Rub the peel of 1 untreated orange and set it aside.

100 g of dark and 50 g of light couverture with 25 g of cocoa powder in a 1.5 liter pot at very low heat.

100 ml vermouth , 50 ml white port , 20 ml vodka , 200 g claret (100 g sugar with 100 boiled water), 3 tablespoons of glucose syrup (from the pharmacy) with 500 ml of water in the pot and boil everything together with stirring once.

Allow to cool (or whisk on ice) and place in the ice maker with the orange grind. ApproximatelyThe Nemox 2200 has bravely chugged and lolling the increasingly dense sorbet mass. I stood excitedly in front of the machine and eyed the stirring process the whole time. (I have to watch new kitchen appliances very attentively - unfortunately I can not help it anymore - I still remember how I spent a full hour and a half before the new washing machine, because you could see the laundry spinning in the porthole.) Then fill the finished sorbet mass into an airtight sealable tin and let it freeze for several hours in the freezer compartment.

Leave to cook for at least 10 minutes before serving and then cut off the lumps or balls. Attention! The more often you take sorbet out of the freezer compartment and thaw it, the greater the risk that ice crystals will form and the soft-melting texture will be lost.

The chocolate sorbet surprises with a very clear and pure chocolate taste with total creaminess , Since no milk or cream is processed, there is no flavor buffer that distracts from the strong and slightly bitter notes of cocoa. Vodka, wormwood and port complete the taste and add small floral accents.

To match fresh berries with a touch of powdered sugar.

Little Nemox will certainly get a lot of work soon ...

Mission Nemox is completed - or a galactic chocolate sherbet has landed