Soulfood 2.0: Brussels sprouts, lamb sausage, bean puree

Brussels sprouts with lamb sausage with bean puree Sausages are in such high demand. Not the limp, lukewarm Viennese, but strong spiced, coarse sausages must be. Since I have recently made the luck of the butchers of confidence and now I could go in the Erdkorn-Nachfolge-Bio-supermarket (crunchy - yes, I'm buying because of course) just do not go past the fresh lamb sausage. The little things were in the pan ruckzuck appetizing brown sizzling. For this purpose, a small Brussels sprouts were quickly made and mashed some bean - the Soulfood plate 2.0 was finished in just 20 minutes. Incidentally, I picked the Brussels sprouts from Uwe. He had the brilliant idea of ​​simply cutting the rosebuds into fine strips instead of tediously picking off individual leaves. So easy, so good and cooked in a maximum of 8 minutes superfast finished. You can get that easily when you come home in the evening famished from work and fall into the kitchen. Uwe, that haste well!

Oh yes: The delicious plate is of course slow carb capable. And the hot sausage love can then be compensated in the next few days again with a vegetarian or vegan dish (because the conscience is known to eat sometimes, ne).

And this is how it works for 2 Soulfood-needy:

2 large or 4 smaller lamb sausages in a pan in 1 teaspoon oil of roast crispy brown on both sides. Carefully cut or prick the sausage several times to allow some fat to roast.

Clean 400 g Brussels sprouts (cut off the stalk and, if necessary, remove the outer leaves), slice and then cut into fine strips. Slice 2 thin slices of browned organic bacon and sauté in pot in 1 teaspoon oil . Then add the Brussels sprouts and sauté briefly with stirring. Add 100 ml vegetable stock and season with nutmeg and pepper . Put the lid on and simmer on medium heat until the Brussels sprouts are soft and the liquid is almost evaporated. Then stir 2 teaspoons creme fraiche and 1 teaspoon spicy mustard and season with salt .

1 can white Beans (a quick glance at the label ensures that no unwanted additives such as sugar or preservatives are processed) into a strainer and rinse under running water. With a little water in a small pot , boil and cook 2 minutes . Drain the water and purée the beans. Season with 1 pinch of rose paprika and salt and pepper .

Serve everything on a pretty plate (gaaaaaanz important) and off with it on the couch ...