Gains, profits ... win two prizes!

I always wanted to organize a raffle. And now I'm just doing it. HA!

Yesterday, I was in the food market of my trust and puzzled in front of the box with these little things. Uhhh ... things ... ?! WHAT on earth is THAT?

I finally found it out and bought it. And wondered if anyone knows what it is right away. Or it has ever bought. Or cooked with it. Time for ...

WINNING GAMING at GourmetGuerilla!

Do you know what that is? Give your hot tip, which food is on top of the photos, within the next week in the comments below. Every substantial contribution participates in the raffle of this enchanting thing, the one I lustgeshopped on Saturday.

My prize package for you:

The 1st prize:

A teacup with pretty blue foliage decor including matching tea caddy made of fine Chinabone. A great duo to stylishly relax on the couch with a Lady Gray in the fall.

The 2nd prize:

A pack of organic delicious cocoa & Sesame confectionery from the Hamburg label Teufelswerk & Engelgabe. Exactly the right sweets for sweet frills on Saturday afternoon.

Since April of this year, variations of fine date confectionery have been marketed under the brand name Teufelswerk und Engelsgabe. In a small factory in the heart of Hamburg, the chocolates are made by hand to give lovers of sweet temptation reueosen pleasure: naturally sweet, no sugar, free of artificial additives and of course rich in nutrients. Available in the organic market. Yummy! I found the package too pretty that I had to access. I found the information about the label on facebook. Look forward to:

And now much Have fun and good luck! The winners will be announced next Sunday.

GourmetGuerrillas Raffle Rules:
Any post in the comments section takes part in the redemption of the two prizes.
Deadline is Sunday, 23.10. at 12 o'clock.
Multiple comments do not increase the chance of winning, each person can put a comment in the raffle.
Of course, the legal recourse is excluded and the winnings can not be paid out in cash.
The winners are from my 5-year-old son pulled out of a soup bowl.
The winners will be notified by e-mail and then have 1 week to send me their mailing address via e-mail as well. The prices will be sent by post.