Treptower turnip with sour cherries and chicken thighs

Mjam, mjam, mjam ... I did not really experience that often: Me go along a buffet and can not decide what to eat. Not because I could not decide between the otherwise so obligatory-monotonous turkey-sliced ​​and the dry Scheinelendchen with mushroom cream sauce. But because all the dishes presented sound so extraordinary and delicious. In the evening, on a buffet for over 60 people ... in the venerable rooms of the Museum of Medical History of the Berlin Charitee.

Capital Catering is the name of the company served us a fantastic flying buffet with little pizzas, then at the stationary buffet really turn up: tender apple pork can be found there among other things, a delicious warm pumpkin salad from the wok, many spices ... and a dish in which I immediately fall in love immortal : Treptower turnip with cherries and caramel-colored crispy corn chicken breast. OH MY GOD! Spicy, delicate, slightly sweet - a wonderful contrast. I stand on any turnips, radishes, radishes and in this combination they are irresistible ... I jealously watch with the serving cutlery in front of the heat container. MINE! Unfortunately, I can only make two plates (the flying buffet has already taken me too much). For that I can win the chef for a chat over the recipe. "Turnips and cherries, wa. The bond ... nooooo, that's just a joke, you know. "

Even in the hotel room, I constantly see the turnips in front of me and get annoyed that I could not eat any more. My decision is certain. I definitely want to cook it!

Three days later I'm back in Hamburg. I stand at the market stall in the Mercado and do the weekly 10-to-eight vegetable shopping - and suddenly my heart leaps: there they are ... the turnips! How great is that? I wrap up with a bag and carry the treasure home very happily. Delicate, small and white they are. With a auspicious rest of spring green on top .... Corn poulard was not so spontaneously available, but a organic chicken thighs will do it too. I'm ready:

And here's how it works for a proper Frollein serving:

Wash, dry and lay 1 organic chicken leg on a baking tray with baking paper . Rub with some oil and put in the oven 175 degrees for 20 minutes . Brush occasionally with salt water .

300 g Treptower (or Teltower) turnip wash and peel. Share larger turnips in the middle. Add water and 2 tablespoons of dried cherries to a pot with a sip of water. Boil and simmer for 15 minutes (or until the turnips are cooked) over low heat. At the end of the cooking time add 1 sip of cream and season well with salt and pepper . Allow to infuse.

If the chicken thigh needs more color, switch on the grill. (My grill works great - after 3 minutes I accidentally had these crispy dark spots on the chicken.